Now preparing "SAVE THE ISLANDS FOR THE CHILDREN AND THE WORLD" for the establishment of NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).

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Fig.1,2,3 The Amami Islands are located between mainland Kagoshima prefecture and Okinawa prefecture and belongs to Kagoshima Prefecture administratively.
These islands are in a subtropical climate.
The vegetation cover are mostly laurel forests and subtropical rain forests, so there are very unique fauna, flora and rare species in Japan.
The Amami Islands mainly consist of eight inhabited islands.

Fig.4 Cyathea lepifera (left), Pandanus odoratissimus (right), the area where sea turtles spawn (below)

"SAVE THE ISLANDS FOR THE CHILDREN AND THE WORLD" project aims to establish a new NGO that is a one-stop solution for the conservation of the environment, culture, art, local societies, businesses and dialects of the islands.
*One-stop solution means a window where you can talk about or solve a problem.

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Fig. 5 Mangrove forest (70ha) at Sumiyo district in Amami-Oshima Island, the largest island of The Amami Islands and the northern limit of natural mangrove forest.

Fig. 6 The mangrove forest is easily accessible by rental sea kayak.

Fig. 7,8 Handmade unrefined brown sugar made from sugar cane, No.1 agricultural produce in The Amami Islands. Amami brown sugar is rich in minerals and vitamins and has the best flavor of all. It is good for beauty and health, so please eat it with coffee, tea, etc.
The benefits of unrefined brown sugar are below.
・Increase good enteric bacteria.
・Warm up the body and enhance immunity. ・Beautify skin with rich mineral and vitamin. 
・Rich in iron.
・Prevent sugar from being absorbed into the body, so good ingredient against diabetes.

There are a lot more benefits of brown sugar.
*reference: (in Japanese)

Fig. 9 Making the refined brown sugar of the sugar cane in Amami-Oshima Island in the factory of Mizuma-Kokuto having the shop next to the factory in Amami-Oshima Island, the Amami Islands, Japan.

Fig. 10 Toji(chief sake brewer) mixes 32 earthenware pots of undiluted Kokuto-shochu(Japanese original rum) by himself every day. It's hard work.

Fig. 11 Japanese government permits to brew Kokuto-shochu only in The Amami Islands.
Kokuto-shochu made from brown sugar is tastier and has better flavor than those made from sugar cane.
This is distilled, so non-carbohydrate and non-sweet.
There are various ways to enjoy it, for example, on the rocks , with water(mizuwari), soda, hot water or coffee, and cocktail, etc. By the way, workers at the breweries have very smooth skin.

Fig. 12 This short movie is showing Mr. Tomita of Toji at Tomita Distillery who is explaining the brewing process while actually working. His distillery is well-known for famous shochu brands, "Ryukyu" and "Rankan".

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Fig. 13 "Rock-cho" is a traditional dance at the end of festivals mainly in Amami-Oshima Island. When you come across, just join it!

Fig. 14 This movie explains the actual conditions and problems of The Amami Islands as well as the meaning and purposes of "SAVE THE ISLANDS FOR THE CHILDREN AND THE WORLD".